“I could say amazing things about Erica until I’m blue in the face. She is a rock-solid communications whiz. She is sharp, organized, a great writer and she will have fun along the way.”

Kate Lowery
Former Global PR Director, Whole Foods Market

“Want your big, scary job done right? Go find Erica Hess. She has helped us distill complex projects with lots of data into digestible, readable bits. She has a talent for keeping it organized and revealing the simplest, smartest way to say it (no matter what the subject matter). Plus, Erica works quick and without mistakes. All that, and she plays a mean air guitar. Seriously. We love working with Erica and trust her to nail it every time.”

Stephen Roberts
Global Sustainability Marketing Manager, Dell

“The creative briefs, positioning narratives and writing Plume has produced for us have been very captivating, always engaging and very well targeted to the specific market in question. The copy is fresh but not trying too hard to be cool or edgy, in a contrived fashion.”

Brooke Bayne
Design Director, Natural Graphics